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Why it is important to submit my business online? Well there are 2 major reasons why:

  • it increases the chance of your customers finding your business around the web
  • it helps to improve your Google ranking

Links are an important factor that Google uses to decide how important your website is compared to other websites (your competitors). To put it simply a link works as a recommendation by one page for another.

Just like in real life if one person receives multiple recommendations about your business they will think about you first before other related businesses.

This is also true for Google, the more recommendations (links) your website has the more important it must be, therefore earning a higher page rank in Google Search Results. While Google’s secret algorithm may be a bit more complicated and involves many other contributing factors quality links are an essential factor.

Hot Tips:

Search for your business before you add it to any directory
With some websites it is possible that customers or previous employers could have already added your business. If so there will be a way to claim and manage the listing so you are not creating a duplicate.

Use free website listings
Most website directories offer paid and free listing options. While there are some circumstances where it is worth paying to add your website and your business, we would recommend that you go for the free listing whenever possible!

Do not copy and paste
Google penalises for duplicate content so make sure that you always write a unique description when adding your business to all website directories. While it might take longer to write something new every time it is essential, as you will be doing more harm than good if you don’t.

Get more links from your business contacts
Get in contact with your suppliers and business contacts and ask if they would add a link to your website from theirs. Usually this is easily done in exchange for a link back to their website from yours.

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